Script-Cast List-Music!

Mr. Mac has made the script, the cast list, and the music available. Visit the website to see it all.

You can print out a copy of the script, find your part, and use the music to start practicing.

It is also time to start dreaming about your costume!

Let Lorrie Ozley know if you have any questions. 205-915-1609


Important Reminders and DVD/Picture Orders

Thank you parents for sharing your little actors with us and helping us with snacks through these two weeks.

Here are some reminders for you.

  1. Starting Monday, June 11, and especially by tomorrow (6/12) our actors will no longer use scripts during practice. Please continue to work on lines, music and dance steps at home. Actors should know all their lines by Tuesday so we can work on developing confidence and teamwork during week 2.
  2. If you are having difficulty finding the script, music or dance numbers online please see a staff member for assistance.
  3. Costume parade will be first thing Tuesday, June 12. Please come in full costume and bring a change of clothes. We will have each actor cross the stage in costume and then take a group picture on stage. Then actors will change back into street clothes for the rest of the day. We ask parents or responsible adult to stay and help their children to change and then ask parents to be responsible for their own costume. We know you have worked hard on them!
  4. Order forms will be available today for you to purchase individual and group cast pictures, and DVDs of the performance. Kristi Deerman is our Workshop Photographer. She is graciously giving all proceeds back to the workshop. Purchase of pictures and DVDs will be used by Parnell Memorial Library Foundation to support future Children’s Theater Workshops. Thank you for your support!
  5. Please have your actors come in costume on Thursday (6/14) and Friday (6/15) at 1:00. We will have 2:00 dress rehearsals. We expect to be finished by 3:00, but please be flexible with dismissal times those days. We encourage our actors to get some rest and get something to eat before returning to the library meeting room at 6:00 in full costume, hair and makeup (if you choose to use makeup). We will be taking pictures and recording actors for DVD introductions. Your promptness at 6:00 is much appreciated. Performances will be at 7:00. We will begin seating audience at 6:45.
  6. We are thrilled that so many children are able to participate in this year’s workshop. We want every family to be able to see their star shine. Each family will have 5 seats for each evening performance. We ask that you let us know at Wednesday morning check-in how many seats you will need. You may request additional seats and we will grant them as available. In addition to evening performances you may invite friends to attend our 2:00 dress rehearsals on Thursday and Friday. Please remember that we will be recording both evening performances. If you have a guest with young children that may become fussy during a performance, please ask them to be prepared to step out as needed.
  7. A DVD order form was sent home on Monday.  Please note that the order form incorrectly lists “The Root Children”, but you are actually ordering this year’s DVD, for “The Flying Ship”. If you need another copy 0f the form , click here.

CMTW Script and Music

The 2018 Children’s Musical Theatre Workshop starts next week!

The cast list and script are posted. Please visit the website to see them and to print a copy of the script. There is also a copy of the script at Parnell Library. You can stop by there and make a copy for $2.70 if you don’t want to print it at home.

On the website you’ll also find the music and lines posted by scene. These feature the wonderful Mr. Mac and Ms. Pauline! Each cast member should listen scene by scene before Monday. You can practice your lines and music as you listen to Mr. Mac and Ms. Pauline. Have fun!

If you interested in being a Teen Helper, just come to the workshop on Monday. We’ll have tasks for you some forms for you and your parents to fill out.

If you have any questions, contact Lorrie Ozley at the number you’ll find on the website.

See you Monday!!!

Seats for Evening Performances

Each family will have 5 seats for each evening show. Please let us know by Wednesday how many seats you will use.
If you need more than 5 seats, please make a request and we will try to honor it. If you need less than five, we will try to help out other families.
Remember that you can invite family or friends to attend the dress rehearsals on Thursday and Friday at 2:00.
This is also a good time to invite those with infants or toddlers to attend. We will  be recording both evening  performances for our DVD.